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... as they strained together in a rocking, thrusting, clenching, flexing, groaning, moaning, grunting, panting, clutching, licking, sucking, nibbling, grinding, sliding symphony of sensation, each playing the other as an instrument of pleasure.

No, dear, the thesaurus you had for breakfast was wrong. This is not/was not/will never be sexy.

He grunted at the intense pressure exerted by her climaxing snatch

Uhm, what? I mean, I know what's meant by that, but... uhm, what?


I seriously have no idea why I keep reading. It's like watching a train wreck. You want to look away, really...

and no force at his disposal could stop the flood of semen that roared it way up his length

Roared? ROARED? O_o

Edit the second:

She gasped out a surprised cry as his dick head pressed through the tight ring of her cervix

Oww. OWWW!

You, dear author, are either male or have never gotten a medical exam "down there". Otherwise you'd know that even a q-tip poking around there HURTS LIKE HELL.
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